Your dream starts as soon as you wake up

My name is Priscilla and I'm hot stuff! I was born in Oak Park, Illinois, and I'm now stuck in the hell hole that is goody, goody Mormon Utah. I know lucky me, but if I keep myself around my friends I think I'll survive.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I never thought that Bryn could possibly convince me to start a blog! Me of all people to start a blog. Me the girl who had no friends until fifth grade, the girl who sits in dark corners to avoid being hurt, the girl who reads to escape her own life, the girl who has no self esteem, the girl who tries so hard to fit in and yet still wants to stand out, the girl who spends all her time away from home so she doesn't have to feel the anger and the pain, the girl who has studied death and pain as a past time, the girl who fears the loss of her friends more than death itself, the girl who trusts no one for fear that they will hurt her in the end, the girl who goes through life trying to hide behind her strong and happy front, that girl is me.

But here I am, typing onto the screen filling up the little box with words...useless, nonsense, randomness that comes from the deepest cavity of my skull. And until my skull fills up again, I am going to depart.

Farewell until next time...